Google Classroom and the 5 things you can use it for

Teachers rejoice, Google Classroom is finally out for personal accounts. Google Classroom has always been for schools. For teachers to get the much needed technology meant that they would need to work for a school that bought G Suite for Education from Google. I cannot recall whether it was free in the past but it is free now. If you did not work for a school with G Suite for Education, you were out of luck.

Google changed that a few days ago and I got to my own Google Classroom for private Gmail accounts and I could not be any happier.

Whether Google Classroom is for you or not depends on many different aspects: where you are teaching, the type of students you are dealing with, and how much technology you want to incorporate into your classroom. I am a huge fan of technology in the classroom and welcome something like this. If you are a private tutor who teaches private lessons with many students, you will find this quite handy.

1 Create online classrooms

This is what Google Classroom does well and that is giving teachers the ability to create online classrooms and generate a “class code” which they can pass around to their students.

2 Invite students and teachers to online classrooms

Students are added to classrooms via class code or direct email invite. The teacher can see who joined the class and choose whether they want to disable the code after everyone have joined or regenerate another code.

3 Create assignments and questions and set due dates

Through Google Classroom a teacher can set class assignments and their due dates. The thing I loved most about the online assignments is the ability to submit your assignments online. Teachers get live information on their dashboards and can track who submitted their assignment and who is still working on it.

4 Have live conversations with students

One of the great features in Google Classroom is the ability to communicate with students. Students can post discussion questions and interact with other students. Students can also privately send the teacher a message if they need help with their homework.

5 Attaching files and videos with Google Drive and YouTube

A teacher can attach files and videos. If an assignment requires students to watch an online video, the teacher can attach the video to the assignment and students can watch the video and work on their assignments. Teachers can attach files straight from Google Drive.

Of course there are many more features I found a nice article that mentions all the other features that you can find on Google G Suite Education.