The rise of Glassdoor and and how they saved my career

In case you have been living under a rock, there has been a fight on who controls the recruiting marketplace in the app world. Moving ahead in popularity are Glassdoor and Indeed. If you own a company, you will need to pay attention to what these two websites, and apps, offer. They can either help you find new employees or wreak havoc on your company or startup. 

If you have not Googled what Glassdoor or Indeed are, click on the links to read more about them.

Both companies focus on job search and job posting. Both websites give recruiters and companies the chance to hire new professionals. They also give employees and former employees the space to review their companies. 

How can Glassdoor and Indeed help or crash your company?

As an employee in Vancouver/Canada I can tell you how challenging job search can get here. Vancouver is one the most populated cities in Canada. This is due to its nice weather and laid back style. Canadians flock to this city looking for work. This makes finding work quite difficult.

Any job hunter can tell you how scary it can get taking the plunge into a new company. You never know what to expect. It is like going to a restaurant and not knowing what the food like, the atmosphere, the general attitude towards customers, and the menu; that until Foursquare, Yelp, and Zagat came along and changed everything for consumers.

Glassdoor and Indeed have the same features. Users can go on their website and anonymously review their current and former companies. Users can review employers, work environment, salaries, and even interview questions. This is beyond powerful for job hunters.

A company that has high reviews will always be in a powerful position as it will always attract the best. Companies that mistreat their employees will attract very little professionals.

Companies need to track these websites. Glassdoor and Indeed have changed the industry. Companies are no longer a mystery to job applicants.

How and Glassdoor saved me from unemployment  

I remember returning to Vancouver in 2014 after a two and a half years of working overseas. As soon as I reached Vancouver I started researching all the different job offers and companies. One job offer caught my eye. It was in a company I heard of but never knew much about. I remember doing an interview with them back in 2006. 

I log into my account and read everything that I can read about the company. I was surprised that it scored a 1 star. It was impossible for me to know how this company was operating. From the outside they looked quite professional and had that allure to them that made me crave being one of their employees.

I was surprised to find out that employees were upset with the company. Some of the reviews mentioned company neglecting their employees, lagging behind in technology, some computers were not working, and of course the most powerful was the low wages that the employees were earning. 

For two days I kept going back and forth on their job offer as I did not know whether I should believe the reviews. After contemplating it I decided to go for a different job offer at a company that was about a block away. A year later I noticed that employees of the ill reviewed company went on strike; a few months later the company went under and declared bankruptcy. 

Glassdoor and have changed the playing field. As more people adapt to having technology in their daily lives, companies will have to keep their images clean to attract future employees